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Season Three Series Episodes     


Season 3 Promo


The studio partners  and government

stakeholders finally found common ground with the Policy Control Group at Silacks Ridge Research Center. That cleared the way for the release of Season 3. 


Season 3 Ep 1


The list of remarkable achievements coming from the Silacks Ridge Research Center is so long that just compiling the list itself is an achievement that should be added to the list itself, as should finishing the making of the same list, as this episode demonstrates. 


Season 3 Ep 2

“Id and Ego”

Different parts of the deep human persona interact when discussing themselves. Don’t they, Id? So, were’s the objectivity? That very question is hardly objective, now is it? If it were, you wouldn’t have asked it in that condescending tone. 


Season 3 Ep 3

“Much Ado”

Do you do an ado? Or does an ado do you? How many times have you heard further ado after already hearing “without further ado?” Silacks Ridge is the only leading research center willing to ask the tough questions about these tough questions.


Season 3 Ep 4


So often novices in stressful situations are given the hackneyed advice to simply “breathe.”  Fine, but breathe what, exactly? In the case of helium, one of the more useful elements for personal motivation, the answer may be more fruitful than you suspect.


Season 3 Ep 5


What can we really count on anymore in this world? Our fingers, for one thing. But that’s just one.  One set of ten, to be more specific. In this insightful episode the experts explore the limits of their digits.


Season 3 Ep 6


Proper socialization of young children is vital to the ongoing health of our culture, yet one fundamental bodily asset is badly misunderstand in this regard. Oral health means more than brushing and flossing, it means knowing how and when to bite. Appropriately.


Season 3 Ep 7

“The American West”

Probably no part of our national anatomy is so widely misunderstand as this mythical landscape. But the problem may be that people are thinking about it logically when they should be thinking geologically.


Season 3 Ep 8


For all those who have seen the vast herds of dust mites migrating across a pillowcase through a microscope, this truthful analysis of the way contemporary culture misunderstands allergic reactions will be a bracing antidote.


Season 3 Ep 9


What kind of line does a drunk cat walk? If you suspect there is a mathematically elegant way to predict the feline’s path, this episode is for you. And your cat, if you have one. In fact, if you have one, this could save your life.


Season 3 Ep 10


To everything there is a season, and to each season there comes an end, and this is that end. What topic could be more appropriate than the source concept of all our seasons here on earth and beyond, the orbit?Just don’t exceed your sphere of influence.